Talking Points- PR

We are creating a PR Plan to tell the world, the media and Congress what is the REAL truth about those affected by Madoff.

The thing about talking points is learning to limit them. One per interview, stating and re-stating it as often as the interviewer allows you to.

#1. Average Americans from all over the country and every walk of life have been wiped out by the Madoff scandal. Many of us are elderly and now destitute. We are Americans who worked hard our whole lives, built businesses, saved and paid taxes. But some of the taxes we paid were on non-existent income, and some of us paid these taxes for decades. Regulations need to be adopted to return our tax money back to our government endorsement of the Madoff investment firm in 1992 and Markopoulos’ informing the SEC in 1999 of the fraud.

#2. We’re American investors who have lost faith in the marketplace. Some of us spent lifetimes building businesses, saving, paying our taxes. We invested in America and expected America’s government agencies and laws to protect us. The SEC was created as the watchdog for the investor. The SEC ignored information about the Madoff problem for ten years and created a terrible problem for investors by not stopping it. To encourage new investment America needs to show how it can and will protect investors by doing what makes the marketplace safe and fair for everyone – including for Madoff investors.

#3. This can happen to anyone. You can get robbed. You lose what you thought was yours. We’re American investors who had hard earned savings wiped out because the government agencies that were supposed to protect us helped Bernie Madoff make off with our money. Now the IRS wants to rip us off again. We paid taxes on non-existent income. The IRS wants to refuse our claims to get back the money that some of us paid for decades – money and profits the SEC & SIPC now says didn’t exist.


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