Personal Update 1

Now that it has been a few weeks and time has past, many more of you have heard about Bernie Madoff.

My family was affected in a big way and we now have to rebuild. Rebuilding requires selling the house in NY, getting rid of cars and personal things, and relaunching STONE MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS – which is my Dad’s company for promotional and logo merchandise.

I have been helping other victims as well via my blog and I started a Facebook group for families and friends of families. It’s our way to keep up to date with the latest news.

Many of you have asked how you can help….1) Please send my dad’s website to people and companies you know that purchase merchandise with company logos for give-aways, corporate gifts, events, trade shows, and promotional handouts, 2) read the updates I send out. At times, my network is the best for helping, whether we are asking for experts, selling things or sending updates and 3) don’t let the story die, we need as much Press to get the Government and others to understand how big this really is and to act fast to help.

And last, but no least, THANK YOU- you have listened, helped, and reached out. Friends/Family make the difference in times like this.

We will fight, we will survive and we will eventually rebuild.

Feel free to FORWARD


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