My Personal Update 3

So it’s now over 3 months, although at times it still feels like the news of Bernie Madoff being arrested was yesterday.

And in these 3 months, a lot has changed yet a lot has stayed the same. My dad’s business is still growing (http://stonemarketing.wordpress.com); he even traveled with me to the PMA Annual Conference  in Chicago so I can introduce him to new people. THANK YOU, to those of you who have helped and sent the emails around or called him for a bid or gave him business. We are very thankful for each opportunity- small or big!

We thought we sold the house  , but in the last minute the buyer pulled out. So, it’s still on the market and we are looking for a buyer. Since it is on the water we are hoping that spring brings some new buyers who want to live on the water with a view, and have a boat slip. If you know anyone, please send them our way!

And the car…well, needless to say we have had 3 potential buyers, who were going to take over the lease, then decided not to. BUT…some good news, we have one application into the leasing company and we are just waiting for the approval. And then if approved, the new owner can take over the car in a few weeks.

Ah, the roller coaster of emotions. On some days you think it will be OK, and things will get back to normal and other days you think it will get worse then it currently is. But this is our NEW LIFE. My parents are holding up and they still maintain a one-day at a time attitude.

Bernie is finally behind bars and in a new orange wardrobe. Now we wait for the SEC, SIPC and all the other agencies to figure out who will get paid back and what amount. The news never stops, and if I added all the info, my email would be over one page. 

Most of the investors are in contact  and trying to help get various laws past, talk to Congress about the fact that our money was STOLEN from us and that we need to help change how investors are insured. We are also trying to help change the SEC and create a better system for the future. We are all in contact via various groups through google groups, email, my blog,  my facebook page and private websites.

So, thanks again, for your calls, your help, your friendship. It means the world to us. We have to stay strong, keep building my Dad’s business and be thankful for our health.

Feel free to forward http://stonemarketing.wordpress.com, we are getting the most business from referrals. Or just email Mike directly – mstone1607@aol.com or call 516 817 0182.

All the best, 


Jackie Stone
Cell: 917 509 2477

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